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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pakistani Women in Armed Forces

We have the pride to be the only country in the Islamic world to have women appointed in the high ranking assignments in armed forces and officer ranks, as well as performing their military duties in the hostile and combat military operations.

Pak Women in Armed Forces of Pakistan


Pakistani women have been taking part in defence forces since 1947 after the establishment of Pakistan. They are playing very effective and key role in all defence forces including Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Forces.

Women in Pak Army

Women in Pak Navy


The very first batch of women fighter pilots joined the combat aerial mission command of Pakistan Air Forces (PAF) in 2006 and has been trained in combat missions, particularly in sniper, airborne and infantry warfare.

Women in PAF

Women in PAF


Ayesha Farooq is the first fighter pilot of Pakistan. Soon after joining PAF as a fighter pilot, she has become both an international celebrity and a new proud symbol of Pakistan.

First Female Fighter Pilot in PAF – Ayesha Farooq


Pakistan’s first group of female paratroopers completing their training and making a history.

Pakistan’s first group of female paratroopers


Pak Army Women taking part in routine exercises.


Pak Army Medical Core
Lady Doctor serving in Pak Army Medical Core


Last but not the least, ready to encounter any kind of terrorism and a mistake of any invasion.
Pakistan Zindabad.

We are ready!