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27 Feb Surprise Day!

Charhta Soraj

چڑھتا سورج ہے اپنا پاکستان دنیا دیکھ رہی ہے پاکستان کی شان #27Feb #27FebSurpriseDay #OperationSwiftRetort #PakistanZindabad

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PM, Mian Nawaz Sharif Disqualified & Resigned over Panama Verdict by SC

Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified this morning by Five Judges Bench in Supreme Court of Pakistan in Panama Papers Case revealing that Mr. Sharif’s three children owned offshore companies and assets which was not shown already on his family’s wealth statement. The verdict was given unanimously by all five judges in the bench which made it …

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Kashmir Solidarity Day – 5 February

We demand plebiscite in Kashmir under the United Nation resolutions to determine future of innocent Kashmiris. It will not be wrong to say that plebiscite is an inherent right of Kashmiri people which even comes before the resolution of United Nations and India should fulfill his responsibility towards it. We cannot achieve peace and prosperity in the region without resolving …

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Happy Independence Day

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL PAKISTANIS With the wishes of Happy Independence we have also shared following image on our Facebook Page as a positive thought among our members, readers and visitors. We should start thinking on it. Patriotism with our country should come first at least before Politics.  

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UK Foreign Office Minister, Baroness Warsi quits over Gaza crisis

UK Foreign Office Minister Sayeeda Hussain Warsi has resigned over Gaza crisis. According to her UK’s policy on the crisis in Gaza is “morally indefensible” She wrote in her twitter “With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister & tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on #Gaza.” and also added “I must …

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Dr. Qadri agreed to leave Lahore Airport.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s leader, Dr. Tahirul Qadri arrived in Pakistan and landed at Lahore Airport today. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) diverted the Emirates Airline’s flight EK-612 carrying Dr Qadri to Lahore instead of Islamabad. CAA has also told that other passengers in the flight will be taken to Islamabad after Dr. Qadri is escorted to the airport. After negotiations and …

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Pakistan Army has launched a comprehensive operation in North Waziristan Area

Pakistan Army has launched a comprehensive major operation in North Waziristan Area today after the Karachi Airport Attack incident. The operation launches after the approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. The operation has been names Zarb-e-Azb. According to the Press Release of ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations).. Rawalpindi – June 15, 2014: DG ISPR has said that on …

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